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La méthode " Don’t wait until you are almost dying from thirst to begin digging your well !..." (Chinese Proverb)

On this site, our ambition is to give you the means, even the tips sometimes to help you to increase your confidence in yourself and your abilities.

The kind of ambition which eventually will allow you to understand how the language works, in order to be able to think and thus to speak like a native person.

Our method lies in a simple observation : Every Internet user interested in taking online language lessons has his own profile, so the tutor will adapt himself to his level, age and knowledge of the language he wants to learn.

What makes Onlinelearners different from others, is our permanent presence on the web. There is always a human being rather than a machine behind the computer, to rectify and reply to your questions.

The method we use will differ depending on the three levels of knowledge, each of which are divided into two sub-levels : low as A1,B1 and C1 on the one hand, and high as A2, B2 and C2 on the other.

With Onlinelearners, there are no books to buy, nor any cassettes, CDs or DVDs : all the learning aid is supplied to you online, or handed to you when you start your courses with the home-stay programme.

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The weather-Onlinelearners.netIn case your keyboard does not allow you to type French accents and other special French characters, here is your friend to help you out :

Here below is an example of a daily expression in French :

:. Home-stay programme :

The course will be adapted to the exact need of the student. Generally we use the same method as for online courses, but in a one to one session, there is more interaction and participation of the student. He may be asked to make a summary of what he has done, seen, heard the day before, in order for him to improve his oral expression.

:. Online courses in French :

For beginners, we use the method called « TEMPO » (method of progressive acquisition by repetition and correction until you get a perfect result).

For other intermediate and advanced levels, the course will be based on a study of a text drawn from the Internet (current affairs).

There will be a series of different steps :

  • The text is read by the tutor, paragraph by paragraph,
  • The student is invited to read it afterwards, and he is immediately corrected ; he will be given explanations of his mistakes.
  • The tutor will give all necessary explanations of unknown words or expressions, and he may also explain a particular grammar rule.
  • The tutor will help the student to understand the meaning of the text, and the latter will be asked to provide his own translation in order to build correct sentences.
  • Then the student will be asked to summarize in 2/3 sentences the content of the text, using his own words and expressions.

The aim of the course is to progressively allow the student to feel more and more comfortable with his speech, and increase his confidence in his abilities.

:. Online courses in English :

With beginners, we use the Oxford method,

called “ I am a beginner in English” (learning method based on both oral and written exercises, focus on ordinary topics, simple grammatical rules, learning games, interactive dialogues and voice recognition.

For other intermediate and advanced levels of knowledge, we use the same method as described above for the French language.

This is how we usually proceed, but the tutor remains flexible and would accept any valuable suggestion from the student, if he wants to study some specific field in relation to his present occupation.(ex: aircrew staff)

IMPORTANT : after each lesson that involves an explanation of a grammar rule, you will receive a mail with exercises to do, in order to confirm that you have fully understood what you have learned.

If you intend to prepare exams such as DELF/DALF, or even TOEFL, we can centre the training on their different levels.

We remind you that your first session with Onlinelearners is FREE. We just want you to form your own opinion about the quality of our performance.

You will decide for yourself whether you want to continue or not.

Nothing will be imposed on you, except one thing :

your motivation !

Yes, your motivation, your desire to learn is essential because it constitutes half of your success, it is your personal half.

The other half is our absolute responsibility, it is our job.

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